Saturday, 21 January 2017

Beverly Hills Formula Review

Hi Everyone,

So today I thought I'd do a short and sweet  review on the Beverly Hills Formula tooth paste!

Beverly Hills Formula were kind enough to send me 2 boxes which I was very happy about because I've heard good things about them!

So I received the black tooth paste which I was so excited about because I've never used black tooth paste before haha! I just thought it was really cool ( they also have a gold one!)

So anyway, I actually could tell that my teeth had got whiter from using the tooth paste! My mum also uses it and she can tell a difference too! I am so angry that I didn't take a before and after picture! I didn't want to start 3 days in using it because I wanted the results to be 100% truthful!

However, they may of made my teeth whiter, but the tooth paste isn't very minty! After you clean your teeth you want your breathe to taste and feel fresh but I feel that this doesn't give a good clean finish! I think that if they improved on that then the tooth paste would be 10000% better!

Overall I think that it is a really good toothpaste, but if you are someone who suffers from bad breathe then I wouldn't really advise using this haha!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you haven't any comments please leave them down below!
Love Danielle xoxo

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