Friday, 16 September 2016

Pale Skin Make Up Look!

Hi guys!

So recently I have really been loving my natural pale skin! I've been faking tanning constantly since I was 16 years old! ( I am now 19 lol ) so I've been doing it for a very long time!
Like a lot of people I used fake tan because it made me feel a lot slimmer and healthier looking ( well that's what I thought ) and overall I just loved being tan. But as I had a dark body I had to then have a dark face, which meant I was wearing a foundation that was about 4 shades darker then my actually skin colour.
Now there was nothing wrong with that because I still feel that it looked nice, and no one ever said that my make up was bad etc, It was blended in well with my body!
But I feel that my face looks prettier / better  when I have my actual skin colour foundation on.

so I decided to do this make up look! Its very simple and natural and I wear it quite often.

Products used:
Primer - Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer
BB Cream - Maybelline New York Dream BB Fresh
Concealer - ( a crappy one from amazon, because I have no light concealers lol)
Eye Shadow - Chi Chi
Mascara - Maybelline New York
Eye Liner - Miss Sporty
Bronzer - Rimmel London Sun Shimmer
Eyebrows - just any black eye shadow colour
Highlighter - Sleek
Lip gloss - Bourjois Paris Effect 3D

Thank you for reading! Love Danielle xox

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