Thursday, 19 January 2017

Are Cheap Lipsticks Better Than Expensive Lipsticks?

Hi Guys,

So today I've decided to do something a bit different and that is 'Are Cheap Lipsticks Better Than Expensive Lipsticks?'

Now I see a lot of YouTubers and bloggers use really expensive lipsticks and I often think is there any need for that price?!

I have got lipsticks that are quite pricey, and I've also got drugstore lipsticks! And to be honest some cheaper products are in fact better than the more expensive ones! Sometimes you are paying for the name...

Anyway, I was scrolling through Amazon wanting to buy some new make up. I don't really buy make up from amazon but I've been ill in bed for the past week and wanted to buy some make up, but obviously I hadn't had the chance to go to town to get some :(
And I came across these lipsticks, you get 12 in the pack for £6.99!

I thought that it was really good and I though that I'd buy them to try them out.
The make is called Heng Fang, I've never heard of that make before, but I read the reviews and they all sounded pretty good!

As you can see I did swatch the lipsticks on my arm, and they weren't really pigmented at all!
I had to do about 3 layers for them to actually show up! The first two which were the light pink lipsticks hardly showed up at all which was a bit disappointing because they were such a beautiful colour in the pack hahah! But other than that they are good for the price of £6.99. They were also extremely hard to wipe off, which can be a good thing because it shows they will last the whole day lol. 
Also, Please excuse my patchy arm haha, I'm in the process of rubbing all the fake tan off!   
So my final thought is, you get what you pay for. More expensive products will most likely be more pigmented and just overall better!
However, for the price of these, I actually think it's really good! I think that if you are new to make up and don't want to splash out on loads of new lipsticks, then these would be really handy!
I will continue to use them, however, not sure if I would buy them again!
I hope you liked this post and if you have any questions, please leave them down below!
Hope you all have a lovely day, Love Danielle xoxo

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