Saturday, 5 November 2016

Deborah Mitchell Primer

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Hello Everyone.

So I thought I'd do a quick review on the Deborah Mitchell Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel Primer.

So I was given this at an event I attended a couple of months ago and have only just started using it as I completely forgot I had it lol.

At the back of the bottle it states 'How to use: Apply after cleansing on cotton wool or Ellajane wipes or use as primer before foundation.'

Now I think that its really good as its a cleanser and a primer! I haven't actually used it as a cleanser yet but I will definitely try it!

So anyway, I think that the primer is amazing! Whenever I apply this my make up is sure to last for the whole day. It has a really nice texture when applying it to your face, and also a nice smell which is a bonus!

It's not the cheapest as its £19!

I don't think that I could afford to keep buying this myself :( but once in a while would be ok I suppose!

 I hope that you like this and be sure to comment if you have any questions!
Love Danielle Lucy xoxo

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